Let’s get this party started!

Speaking of parties, we love to throw them and to go to them, but they are notorious for producing a lot of garbage that ends up in our landfills. According to the EPA, we generate over 250 million tons of garbage per year with over 65% coming from residences! 55% of that goes directly to the landfill and only 35% gets recycled.
These kinds of numbers boggle the mind! We certainly can do better than this!
Let’s look at some ways to have “greener” parties that create less garbage. (Yes, it can be done)!
If it’s impossible to use your everyday glasses, plates and utensils (the ideal choice), investigate buying products that are made from sugar cane, bamboo, hemp, wheat straw or other plant based, compostable or renewable resources. But remember, if you throw them in the garbage and they head to the landfill, they will NOT decompose! Decomposition needs four key elements to thrive: nitrogen, carbon, moisture, and oxygen. (Even you wouldn’t decompose quickly if you were put in a plastic garbage bag and buried under tons of garbage without exposure to any of these elements). Just saying.
Think cloth napkins and table cloths! The secondhand stores are filled with these and you can come across some great finds! Yes, you end up with a load of laundry (we recommend Natural Choices laundry detergent to take care of that), but when you get that done, you are already set for the next party! It’s a small investment that keeps on giving!
The secondhand store is also the perfect place to look for decorations and centerpieces. Think outside of the box and let your imagination run wild! Your friends will never know that your party was eco-decorated! Before you head out to the store, pick a theme for your party and check out Pinterest or Google Images for ideas. They are loaded with cool and easy ways to decorate with items that you can use again and again.
With a little thought, you can throw a “greener” party and have a wonderful time knowing that you did your part to keep pounds of waste out of the landfill.
Party on!

Of course if Uncle Joe spills his BBQ on the table cloth or the carpeting, we recommend that you use Natural Choices OXY-Boost to get those tough stains out!  OXY-Boost is available at: http://www.pacificsandsinc.com